When developers present a game, their pitch most often begins with an enumeration of the project’s features, features of gameplay moments, and approach to the plot. It is important that all this is there, but you also need to understand that for the end-user, not a professional, such an approach may turn out to be too complicated to comprehend.

That is why, through trial and error, marketers figured out how to tell people about a product without overloading them and showing the value of the proposal. …

What are they and what functions do they have?

In this article, I talk about the types of professions and explain what the key competencies of each direction are. So if you do all this for one monthly salary, then — well done!

A simplified diagram of the key game marketing concepts.

Ultimately, marketing is about external communication, but in this case, “internal” and “external” mean the development and activities within the company in what is converted outside for the audience.

I would start with marketing because it’s easier for me to name all the promotions that happen to the product with this word.

What is included in gaming MARKETING in general terms:

  • Development of a product strategy: building a marketing strategy based on consumer insights (hidden needs), market analysis and insider knowledge (internal knowledge) of the industry;

В проект люди привлекаются по воронке, поэтому очень важно рассказывать как можно большему количеству людей, чтобы вероятность того, что они дойдут до конца (а что бы то ни было у вас в конце: покупка, инсталл, вишлист) возрасла.

В маркетинге существует огромное количество моделей и схем того, как пользователи вовлекаются в consumer journey (путь пользователя). На основе своего рабочего и учебного опыта, я предлагаю следовать таким ступеням.

Как это работает? Здесь можно привести пример с мобильным стором.


Как человеку, работавшему в рекламе, индустрии очень похожей на геймдев по части слияния креатива и бизнеса, я часто отмечаю, что люди, разработчики и комментаторы на дтф в частности, помнят про креатив, но забывают про бизнес.

Индустрия разработки игр — это бизнес.

Бизнес занимается тем, что что-то делает (продукт/услугу), а потом это продаёт и тем самым зарабатывает деньги.

Деньги появляются из тех проектов, которые оказались наиболее привлекательными для людей, и они их купили.

Как сделать так, чтобы люди купили продукт? Дать им понять, что этот продукт закрывает какую-то их потребность.

На этом моменте читающий это разработчик может сделать паузу и спросить…

Before reading: Unfortunately, I’ve lost some links about the materials used in this post. If you know the author, please contact me and I’ll add credits.

You have an idea of a perfect game that will change the gaming industry once and for all.

============ LET’S SAY, YOU ARE HERE =============



Answering the questions below will help you to formulate and then articulate your vision.

The decision about Target Audience — Who is going to use your app and why are they going to use it?

The decision about the uniqueness of the idea/game — What is the USP of…


This is obvious, but worth repeating. In order to communicate effectively, you should listen to people and put attention to what they are saying. With this ‘listening’ stuff you’d be able to understand what consumers or partners think before they say it out loud (even before they realise it). But this skill needs practising. Why communication is important in business? You’ll have to talk and organise with subcontractors, freelancers, colleagues, explain to others your vision, brainstorm, meet people at exhibitions, present the project and make skype calls all over again.

It’s not easy, but it isn’t impossible even if you…


Our company Apelsin Games has started as an indie studio, so we can relate to many of developers’ concerns about games, working conditions etc.

Now we’re publishers, this business scheme allows us more flexibility in decisions and makes some kind of ‘headhunters’ of us.

I am one of the ‘main hunters’, I spend much time searching for indie projects and writing emails like “Hello, guys! Nice game, would you…”. Also, I visit exhibitions and try to make the most of it constantly asking developers the same questions. …

Hey there, my name is Ekaterina.

I came from the advertising industry, having 5+ years of experience behind. This business taught me a lot, but I felt like I needed a step forward right into something more vibrant, creative, promising and kicking. And which is not called ‘ad’. Taking into account my overall interest in watching other people play video games and the number of friends I met having spent time at gaming forum at my 13, I decided to look for opportunities in game development.

RUS: ‘Do something useful after all!’ — Motivational piece in one of the advertising agencies I worked.

As with advertising, it’s very hard to find a ‘weak spot’ and squeeze through…

Ekaterina Prikhodko

Marketing/communication strategist in a gaming industry @ Riga, Latvia (from Moscow, Russia)

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