Useful resources and links to finally get down to business with your game (ENG/RU)


Answering the questions below will help you to formulate and then articulate your vision.

  • Development: development stages — from prototype to beta and release, plan it accordingly, be aware of technical issues.
  • Costs: funding for the game development process and maintenance costs.
  • Planning: creating a product strategy around the project, as well as how it can grow and develop over time.
  • Distribution: which platform, why.
  • Monetization: Monetizing your game or choosing the best models, strategies, and ad networks for it.
  • Publicity: handling the marketing, advertising, public relations, and even social media efforts.
  • Promotion instruments: features on the app store, traffic purchase, ASO, influencers, community building and management (if needed).
  • Localization: Translating your game into multiple languages to appeal to different audiences and global markets.
  • Porting: Helping expand your game’s support to other platforms. Most publishers require that your game is initially at least available on iOS — if not, your chances drastically decline.
  • Other: Quality assurance, data analytics, customer support, etc


Choosing a monetization model and pricing:


Creating a marketing plan:


Submission to the store:




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Ekaterina Prikhodko

Ekaterina Prikhodko


Marketing/communication strategist in a gaming industry @ Riga, Latvia (from Moscow, Russia)