What gaming marketers do?

Ultimately, marketing is about external communication, but in this case, “internal” and “external” mean the development and activities within the company in what is converted outside for the audience.

What is included in gaming MARKETING in general terms:

  • Development of a product strategy: building a marketing strategy based on consumer insights (hidden needs), market analysis and insider knowledge (internal knowledge) of the industry;
  • Analysis of competitors and industry trends;
  • Content strategy (planning and coordination of the development of posts, all the necessary accompanying materials for broadcasting);
  • Planning activation / events inside / outside the project;
  • Creative supervision and evaluation of marketing materials for compliance with the brand/spirit/atmosphere of the game/tone of voice;
  • Analytics of communication channels, all past, and current campaigns;
  • Planning and distribution of the budget by channel;
  • Adaptation of the global strategy to local markets;
  • Management of neighboring marketing teams (creative, analytics, media);
  • Analysis of past campaigns for compliance with KPI.


  • Development and maintenance of a common strategic and visual direction of IP (important for a cross-media approach, the development of merchandise and the development of partnerships);
  • Conducting or relevant research on consumer use to confirm/make small changes over time in the core brand values ​​of the product;
  • Establishment/management of project budgets;
  • Regular reporting and presentations for stakeholders;
  • Coordination and production of marketing materials and visual directions in collaboration with external or internal contractors;
  • Analytics: measurement and reporting on campaign performance before and during launch. Post-launch in-game analysis of the main metrics (purchase, retention, monetization).


  • Budget distribution by traffic acquisition channels (Facebook, Unity Ads, Google, Apple Search Ads, Snapchat, etc.)
  • Tracking conversions and rates by channel;
  • Planning and monitoring of A / B tests (for creatives, copies, etc.);
  • Optional: production of creatives (banners, videos, icons, and design in the store).


  • Management of the creation of brand identity: name, cover/packaging and building communication around the plot and characters of the game;
  • Conducting marketing research, creating benchmarks, surveys and studying players;
  • Recommendations for improving UX / UI, engagement and retention based on audience feedback;
  • Coordinating approval of the game with other partners/brands/copyright owners;
  • Coordination of how it all works with local teams: PR, performance, producers (monetization);
  • Creatives: video, web, screenshots, descriptions in the store and visual, special creatives for PR and other assets that can be used in promotion;
  • Optimization in the store and increasing visibility in it;
  • Analysis of feedback, the behavior of players and the market and the transfer of recommendations to production and top management;
  • Marketing calendar management based on scheduled updates, events in the game.

Let’s move on to everyone’s favorite — PR

  • Work with the press (global/regional);
  • Work with influencers (building long-term warm family / friendly relations);
  • Assistance to journalists in the selection of suitable speakers from the company;
  • Creation of news stories to draw attention to the studio/project;
  • Building and maintaining a network of contacts, including regional media platforms and content creators;
  • Translation and adaptation of the studio’s global communication (press releases, social networks, etc.);
  • Daily communication with other members of the PR and community management team so that the work is synchronized, follows the rails of the global strategy (to put it simply: one hand knows what the other is doing).


  • Implementation/participation/creation of a content plan or even a whole strategy for working with sites;
  • Communication with players on social networks and on their own platforms (engaging in dialogue, informing, showing empathy and listening skills);
  • Tracking the performance of posts and activities in the community;
  • Study of the audience, search for the most active players/associations of players for advocacy;
  • Support for tactical activations;
  • Optional: production of creatives (images for posts, gifs, page design, etc.).




Marketing/communication strategist in a gaming industry @ Riga, Latvia (from Moscow, Russia)

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Ekaterina Prikhodko

Ekaterina Prikhodko

Marketing/communication strategist in a gaming industry @ Riga, Latvia (from Moscow, Russia)

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