How to write about features for the game?

  • A feature is a basic feature that describes a fact in the game, without emotions. Features translate into benefits.
  • The advantage is a rational feature that evolved in response to the question: What’s in it for me as a player? It can be convenience, simplicity, speed, accessibility — the same experience for everyone.
  • The value is emotional, it answers the question: Why should I (the player) care? Here we are talking about safety, fun, creativity, status — subjectively perceived things.

1. Easy (if lazy)

Without going deeply, here’s what skill you need to pump: try to do a mental exercise and imagine how the features that you have, are transformed into advantages, and what they actually give people.

2. Medium (recommended)

There is an approach called Benefits Ladder.


Product Attributes → Functional Benefit → Emotional Benefit

For example, you have an RPG game and you have invested a lot of energy in characters. So much so that you have 10 classes of heroes. In this case, the staircase will look something like this:

Benefit Ladder for the game Wasteland 3: how to put the features from the bottom to the top

3. Hard (full immersion)

If you want to go straight to the hardcore mode or deepen your expertise. This approach is based on Maslow’s pyramid of needs and splits 30 benefits according to each step.

Benefits of games as entertainment for players (my view). Source:
Evaluation of Vampire: The Masquerade® — Bloodlines™ 2 with Bain & Company Inc. model

Try to look at your product through the eyes of a potential audience and ask yourself two questions: what is cool about it and what does it give me as a player? This will not be just a list of advantages, but the reasons that induce us, who are irrational by nature, to make our irrational choices.



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Ekaterina Prikhodko

Ekaterina Prikhodko


Marketing/communication strategist in a gaming industry @ Riga, Latvia (from Moscow, Russia)